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Fleet Issues – People & Benefits

How do you attract and retain the best people for your business?

You need a range of rewards, of course, but research suggests company cars are still among the most desirable perks.

From Employee Car Ownership (ECO) to salary sacrifice, you can find out what’s on the horizon for the employee benefits landscape with our series of articles and white papers.

How to tell your employees about a new benefitRead the post
LeasePlan Employee benefits

Written by Posted on 22.06.2018

Good communication is a vital part of any employee benefits scheme.Here are our top tips for spreading the word about a new benefit.

[Whitepaper] Your guide to employee benefitsRead the post

Written by Posted on 22.06.2018

Employee benefits – including company cars – are vital to recruiting, rewarding and retaining staff. Learn more with our new whitepaper.

Creating the right company car choice listRead the post
company car

Written by Posted on 08.09.2017

or more than four decades company cars have been a familiar feature of Britain's businesses but it's more important than ever to have the right choice list

The Salary Sacrifice changes explainedRead the post
leaseplan salary sacrifice

Written by Posted on 12.12.2016

A simple guide to one of the Autumn Statement’s most significant announcements – the changes to Salary Sacrifice schemes.

Michel Alsemgeest

LeasePlan appoints Chief Digital Officer

Written by | Posted on 16.10.2017

LeasePlan Corporation N.V. today announces the appointment of Michel Alsemgeest (1972) as Chief Digital...

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LeasePlan appoints new Managing Board members

Written by | Posted on 29.09.2017

LeasePlan Corporation N.V. announces an update to the composition of its Managing Board, to include Gijsbert de Zoeten and Franca Vossen.

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new plans for electric vans

New plans for electric vans

Written by | Posted on 08.09.2017

Government consultation on raising the weight threshold for electric vans to 4.25t is underway.But what could it mean for costs, safety and the environment?

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leaseplan report

First quarter 2017 results published

Written by | Posted on 18.05.2017

LeasePlan’s fleet grew from 1.6 million vehicles at the end of first quarter of 2016 to 1.7 million vehicles at the end of the first quarter of 2017.

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fleet policy leaseplan

Stay up to date with the latest changes to impact fleets

Written by | Posted on 08.03.2017

From speeding to mobile phone use - stay up to date with the latest changes to impact fleets.

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salary sacrifice changes

Salary sacrifice for car schemes myth buster

Written by | Posted on 14.02.2017

Chancellor Philip Hammond outlined a raft of changes to salary sacrifice schemes in his...

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Woman at desk with leaseplan orange scarf

Motor industry jargon creates a barrier to communication

Written by | Posted on 12.01.2017

News release: A recent survey, carried out by vehicle leasing specialist LeasePlan UK, has looked at the use and impact of jargon by the motoring industry

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salary sacrifice changes

[2016] Autumn Statement: Salary Sacrifice

Written by | Posted on 23.11.2016

Matt Dyer, Managing Director LeasePlan UK has responded to Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement on Salary Sacrifice for car schemes.

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Autumn Statement Infrastructure

[2016] Autumn Statement: Infrastructure

Written by | Posted on 23.11.2016

Matt Dyer, Managing Director LeasePlan UK has responded to Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement on proposed infrastructure investment.

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LeasePlan Corporation signage

LeasePlan Corporation N.V Q3 2016 Financial Results

Written by | Posted on 17.11.2016

LeasePlan Corporation N.V Financial Results Q3 2016 : LeasePlan builds solid foundation to support new strategic roadmap

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company car

Salary Sacrifice for Cars

Written by | Posted on 07.11.2016

Salary Sacrifice for Cars. SalaryPlan - An employee car scheme that also benefits the employer.

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two men working on salary sacrifice consultation

Why the Government should leave Car Salary Sacrifice well alone

Written by | Posted on 04.11.2016

Unlike some other benefits from Salary Sacrifice fpr Cars have not been exempted from HMRC Consultation - yet Car Salary Sacrifice schemes are already transferring their fair share – or more – to the nation’s coffers.

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worker completing admin

80% of business decision makers complete admin outside of work

Written by | Posted on 13.06.2016

18 May 2016: Admin overload is leaving business decision makers feeling overwhelmed and stressed, reveals new research from the world’s largest fleet and vehicle management company, LeasePlan.

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people sitting at desk shaing ideas

The sharing economy

Written by | Posted on 19.04.2016

To find out more about some of our Responsible Business Week 'Ideas for Good' please take a look at our latest Corporate Responsibility Report.

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love heart trust

Backing Responsible Business Week

Written by | Posted on 18.04.2016

LeasePlan UK will be showing its support for Responsible Business Week, the high-profile annual awareness week that is dedicated to profiling the contribution of business on society.

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LeasePlan logo woman smiling

LeasePlan certified as one of the UK’s Top Employers 2016

Written by | Posted on 10.02.2016

For the fifth year, LeasePlan UK has been awarded the exclusive Top Employers United Kingdom 2016 Certification.

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Road signs

LeasePlan Mobility Monitor Uncovers Future Trends

Written by | Posted on 17.12.2015

Telematics gains acceptance and drives road safety; increased interest in corporate car sharing

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We’re driving less. Will we live more?

Written by | Posted on 24.11.2015

The organisers of Road Safety Week, the charity Brake, want us to think more about the necessity of our car journeys. For if there are fewer car journeys, then, at least in theory, there is also less pollution, less congestion, less expense – and, crucially, fewer accidents.

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Chris Ward

Captain the best fleet

Written by | Posted on 09.10.2015

Chris Ward author of no1 best selling book 'Out of Office' on supporting a mobile workforce.

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company car

The modernisation of perks

Written by | Posted on 17.09.2015

Perks are where it's at - and it's for this reason that LeasePlan will be one of exhibitors at the Employee Benefits Live show - we want to learn and teach as best we can.

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LeasePlan publishes results for first half of 2015

Written by | Posted on 26.08.2015

LeasePlan’s net profit up by 21% to EUR 246 million in H1 2015

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France & beyond: our tips for driving into Europe

Written by | Posted on 21.07.2015

Even for a seasoned driver, the French roads can throw up a number of challenges. Read our quick guide to make sure that you don’t get caught out.

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Fix those Grey Fleet Blues

Written by | Posted on 01.07.2015

We've all heard about grey fleet. But it's a murky area that can be tricky to deal with. We help you wrap your head around grey fleet and deal with it.

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Commercial Vehicles: a short video

Written by | Posted on 24.06.2015

Leaseplan_CommercialVehicles Newsflash: commercial vehicles are not the same as cars. So standard fleet plans...

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Bus red

Ban benefits claimants from driving?

Written by | Posted on 28.01.2015

Every political party would love to come up with a foolproof, popular plan to ease congestion while saving taxpayers’ money.

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man holding head

The Top 20 things Drivers Hate about other Drivers

Written by | Posted on 16.01.2015

Top 20 most annoying driver behaviours. How many of them might you admit to committing every once in a while?

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man seated

Review of the Political Parties’ Transport Policies

Written by | Posted on 19.12.2014

So, what did this year’s conferences tell us about the coming battle over transport policy? Mostly, that there will be a heavy emphasis on high-speed rail – perhaps to the detriment of any talk about motoring.

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watching man

The OECD are watching

Written by | Posted on 02.12.2014

The OECD think that the environmental and social costs of company car use are inadequately reflected in the tax system.

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Man sat at desk thinking

Where’s the sacrifice?

Written by | Posted on 25.11.2014

How would you like a pay cut? But what if it actually made you better off?

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Man directing person into parking space

Pro-active Passenger [Guest blog]

Written by | Posted on 14.11.2014

Every driver hates a backseat driver. Until you’re a passenger yourself. According to a 2011 survey, 92% of motorists admit to being backseat drivers themselves

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Car on Road Moneybox

Should all motoring tax be spent on roads?

Written by | Posted on 30.10.2014

A balance needs to be struck - motorists feel overtaxed, yet Government have underinvested in Britain’s infrastructure.

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4 key questions

Written by | Posted on 29.09.2014

Four questions that need to be asked to ensure a salary sacrifice for car scheme is cost effective, straightforward and attractive to staff.

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Fancy a say in getting rid of double yellow lines?

Written by | Posted on 23.09.2014

The idea that drivers could feel free to ignore yellow lines if they were only popping into the shop for 5 minutes might reflect what some people already do.

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hand phone

A wake-up call for drivers who use mobile phones

Written by | Posted on 10.09.2014

Current estimates suggest that around 500 people a year are killed or seriously injured as a result of drivers distracted by mobile phones.

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Empty space

Thousands banned before passing test

Written by | Posted on 06.08.2014

Figures from the Sunday Times reveal that 16,000 provisional licence holders have been banned before passing their test - but it may not be as bad as it looks.

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child in car seat

Northern Ireland’s anti speeding campaign

Written by | Posted on 26.07.2014

Public safety campaigns are designed to scare people into moderating their behaviour, but has Northern Ireland's anti speeding campaign exceeded reasonable limits?

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Big Data v Big Brother

Written by | Posted on 02.07.2014

Big data has potential hazards, theoretical and practical, as well as huge benefits. First, the...

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Bike v Car on road

Division on the road needn’t be a vicious cycle [Guest Blog]

Written by | Posted on 21.05.2014

People want to use cars and bikes. Yet the more sensationalist elements of the media love to portray a war on Britain’s roads between those who drive and those who cycle.

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Peugeot 205 GTi

Straight Down The Hatch [Guest blog]

Written by | Posted on 14.05.2014

Peugeot 205 GTi Hot. Hatch. In the world of car porn there is no...

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Red Ford Fiesta XR2

Love in the 80’s was the Ford Fiesta XR2 [Guest blog]

Written by | Posted on 12.05.2014

There was only one car for the thrusting young buck in the 1980s… a...

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reading in hammock

Cars in literature [Guest Post]

Written by | Posted on 07.05.2014

Thanks to the films, James Bond is now chiefly associated with Aston Martins, but,...

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smart motorways

The limits of speed limits

Written by | Posted on 16.01.2014

The announcement that the Highways Agency is considering reducing the speed limit on a...

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I-Spy an M-way Loser

Written by | Posted on 13.01.2014

Mark Simpson on the motorway drivers we all love to hate.

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car in the snow

Driving home for Christmas

Written by | Posted on 06.01.2014

It’s surely no coincidence that the year after releasing Driving Home for Christmas (in...

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Young Drivers

Written by | Posted on 09.12.2013

The UK government is apparently considering whether to introduce restrictions on young drivers, who,...

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mini boot

British Auto Legends

Written by | Posted on 07.11.2013

You’d have thought, after the rows that were created by the decision to put...

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Assessing Risk

Written by | Posted on 01.10.2013

One of the peculiarities of human nature is just how bad people tend to...

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Ten Iconic Car Ads

Written by | Posted on 30.09.2013

Ten memorable car ads from the past four decades that transcended both cars and...

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Road Vigilantes

Written by | Posted on 11.09.2013

Of course you, like me, are a much better than the average driver. I...

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Text Driving Film

Text Driving Film

Written by | Posted on 11.09.2013

The great German film-maker Werner Herzog could never be accused of being predictable. His...

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sunrise picture

Corporate Responsibility: a catalyst for positive change

Written by | Posted on 22.05.2013

Corporate Responsibility is on every CEO’s agenda these days, and not just as a...

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