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Fleet Issues – Fleet Optimisation

From autonomous vehicles to the internet of things, are you prepared for the implications of connected vehicle technology?

It’s not just the effects on cost and safety, there’s the data as well. It could help you identify problems before they occur – reducing downtime and cutting costs for servicing, maintenance and repairs.

We can help you get ahead, with articles that explore the exciting potential, and the possible pitfalls, of this new technology.

The danger of pushing data and insights to the bottom of fleet prioritiesRead the post
research from leaseplan on leasing

Written by Posted on 27.04.2018

Recent WhatVan? and LeasePlan survey revealed spending and compliance were at the top of fleet priority list - yet data and insights ranked bottom.

Your guide to upcoming legislationRead the post
Timeline of Upcoming legislation

Written by Posted on 23.02.2018

The Government is introducing a number of changes to the tax, safety and emissions regulations faced by Business Critical Fleets. Discover all your need to know with our 2018/19 timeline.

6 Tips to keep Vehicle Off Road to a minimumRead the post
man in van LeasePlan

Written by Posted on 09.10.2017

Here are some simple steps to reducing your Vehicle Off Road (VOR) time from LeasePlan UK.

LeasePlan UK receives trio of award wins

Written by | Posted on 14.12.2018

LeasePlan UK has been rewarded for its commitment to best practice in commercial vehicles;...

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Strategic Fleet Roadmap

Written by | Posted on 09.12.2018

Accomplish your goals over the year with this road-map aimed at achieving key efficiency and budget targets - whatever your fleet looks like and costs - so you can enjoy the year ahead.

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8 levers of fleet optimisation LeasePlan UK

[eBook] The 8 levers of fleet optimisation

Written by | Posted on 08.10.2018

Managing a fleet effectively means being on top of costs, but this isn’t always...

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8 levers of fleet optimisation LeasePlan UK

[eBook] The 8 levers of fleet optimisation

Written by | Posted on 08.10.2018

When it comes to fleet optimisation, it’s likely that HR experts know everything about...

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guide to fleet costs

DriverLine – all our services accessed via one number

Written by | Posted on 24.09.2018

The concept behind DriverLine is simplicity itself. A single number to call to access a comprehensive range of driver services, available 365 days a year, the LeasePlan DriverLine can be tailored to your organisation's fleet requirements.

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LeasePlan lease car

What you need to know now

Written by | Posted on 06.09.2018

From a new emissions testing regime to the introduction of advisory fuel rates for electric vehicles - here’s our list of the major policy changes that are being introduced in the near future.

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8 levers of fleet optimisation LeasePlan UK

8 Levers of Fleet Optimisation eBook

Written by | Posted on 01.09.2018

Fleet optimisation is an ongoing task. See how well you're doing with our new eBook - from company car tax to corporation tax, mileage to maintenance - we guide you through the 8 levers you can push and pull.

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leaseplan key dates review

Key dates for the fleet calendar : 2019

Written by | Posted on 23.01.2018

From January through to December, we've complied a calendar of key dates and events for fleet, finance and HR professionals.

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Autumn Statement Infrastructure

Infrastructure overhaul needed to fix Britain’s roads

Written by | Posted on 18.01.2018

Britain’s roads are becoming a minefield for drivers, as the number of potholes increases and reactive patching no longer works. In fact, according to the RAC the UK’s pothole problem has more than doubled over the last ten years, with over one million potholes reported in 2016.

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city from above

6 things we learnt at Fleet Management Live

Written by | Posted on 06.10.2017

As the UK's largest fleet event comes to a close we round-up the six key themes from Fleet Management Live 2017. 

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onsite business services

[Case Study] On-site Business Solutions

Written by | Posted on 15.09.2017

Working with our client, a large onsite solutions provider, LeasePlan helped to identify some key fleet focus areas enable them to help achieve their overall business strategy.

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Thank you

Thank you

Written by | Posted on 24.08.2017

Thank you for your interest in LeasePlan Flexible. We will be in touch shortly...

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woman in shop looking at leaseplan flexible rental

Looking for a more flexible fleet?

Written by | Posted on 24.08.2017

Whether for seasonal demand, a new starter or to fulfil a new contract, sometimes you need a vehicle for shorter period of time. Find out how LeasePlan Flexible can help.

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research from leaseplan on leasing

The challenges facing today’s fleet managers

Written by | Posted on 16.05.2017

Research conducted into the needs of today’s fleet decision makers reveals the different challenges facing Fleet Managers today - and their different motivations for leasing.

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stock offers

From factory to forecourt – fast

Written by | Posted on 15.05.2017

With an average wait time of 13 weeks for a new car from factory to forecourt sometimes you just need a vehicle - now. Here's how our stock offers can help.

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The current Company Car Tax system

Written by | Posted on 28.10.2016

The table below shows the current rates of Company Car Tax (CCT), and those...

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Future-proof your fleet: Environment

Written by | Posted on 28.10.2016

London To help combat air pollution, almost all of Greater London was made into...

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SME owners ‘in the dark’ about advantages of leasing

Written by | Posted on 23.10.2016

Recent research by LeasePlan found that nearly one-third (29%) of business decision makers believe that their business setup is not favorable to leasing and yet 32% are feeling overwhelmed by vehicle management administration.

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fuel duty graph

Fuel Duty – all you need to know

Written by | Posted on 23.09.2016

Make no mistake, Fuel Duty is a hot topic - it accounts for half of everything we spend at the pump. Read on for All you need to know about Fuel Duty.

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fuel gauge

HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates (September 2016)

Written by | Posted on 25.08.2016

HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates (AFR) from September 2016

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merlin housing van

[Case Study] Merlin Housing Society charmed by new fleet

Written by | Posted on 20.06.2016

Merlin Housing selects Automotive Leasing as provider of the new Mercedes commercial vehicles as part of Procurement for Housing (PfH) framework.

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Woman holds tyre

New tyre arrangement helps keep customers on the move

Written by | Posted on 20.06.2016

LeasePlan UK has been helping its major customers keep on the move, thanks to ATS Euromaster.

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Man writing note with orange pen

Global driver survey

Written by | Posted on 06.05.2016

LeasePlan's annual global driver survey, Mobility Monitor, is now open.

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LeasePlan SwopCar Infiniti

On-demand car sharing collaboration

Written by | Posted on 14.04.2016

Premium car brand Infiniti and LeasePlan have announced a one year partnership for new car sharing service: SwopCar. employees will have the opportunity to book the all-new Q30 whenever needed.

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warning triangle

Smartening motorways

Written by | Posted on 29.03.2016

It’s now ten years since the first smart motorway opened in the UK - however not everyone is convinced that smart motorways are so smart.

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LeasePlan launches global service for car sharing

Written by | Posted on 17.12.2015

LeasePlan Corporation N.V launches global SwopCar service to meet mobility needs of employees by launching a self-service, on-demand and hassle-free car sharing service.

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wall of tyres

LeasePlan appoints new tyre fitment suppliers

Written by | Posted on 17.12.2015

LeasePlan UK has appointed a trio of new suppliers to provide tyre solutions to its drivers commencing 1st January 2016.

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LeasePlan Digital

LeasePlan launches new digital product suite

Written by | Posted on 17.12.2015

LeasePlan Digital - designed with customer feedback to help organisations effectively manage and select fleet vehicles.

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Spare tyre

Under pressure?

Written by | Posted on 17.09.2015

The RAC estimated that it is called out 62,000 times a year by motorists without a spare tyre - with fleet drivers 6x more likely to be without a spare.

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Speed Ahead with a New, Better Fleet Contract

Written by | Posted on 19.08.2015

Get the guide and see how you can migrate to a fleet contract that works better with your business.

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Switching your fleet contract? Our guide will make it easy

Written by | Posted on 19.08.2015

Looking for a new fleet contract? A better option that met your business priorities to the letter, and could offer you greater fleet performance and efficiency?

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Telematics : Global Research

Written by | Posted on 14.07.2015

Research reveals use of telematics first step to fewer accidents and increased driver safety: New research by LeasePlan reveals that the use of in-vehicle telematics could significantly alter and improve driver behaviour.

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Commercial Vehicles: a short video

Written by | Posted on 24.06.2015

Leaseplan_CommercialVehicles Newsflash: commercial vehicles are not the same as cars. So standard fleet plans...

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Apple Car

The Apple Car

Written by | Posted on 27.02.2015

There have been fairly credible reports this week that Apple is working on a secret project to design a car.

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s300 Driverless Car

Driverless cars [Guest blog]

Written by | Posted on 11.02.2015

Britain is given the green light on testing driverless cars on public roads.

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New roads are long overdue

Written by | Posted on 01.12.2014

The case for new roads. New road building programme is long overdue, and the only way to get ahead.

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Should we invest in new roads?

Written by | Posted on 27.11.2014

The case against new roads. Will anyone use them, who'll pay for them, and should we fix the ones we've got first?

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The Stig’s Top Ten Driving Songs [Guest blog]

Written by | Posted on 07.11.2014

Ben Collins, who spent eight years as The Stig, reveals his Top Ten Driving songs

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crack in road

Digging the roads into deeper holes

Written by | Posted on 13.10.2014

The Government's short term approach taken towards the road repairs needed to put right the large numbers of potholes.

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4 key questions

Written by | Posted on 29.09.2014

Four questions that need to be asked to ensure a salary sacrifice for car scheme is cost effective, straightforward and attractive to staff.

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Fuel costs

The cost of fuel duty cuts

Written by | Posted on 17.09.2014

The current Govermment has cut or frozen fuel duty to such an extent that it's 20% lower than planned at the last election. All of this is good news for motorists, right? Well, yes – on paper..

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cash in fuel tank

Will diesel charges make petrol more affordable?

Written by | Posted on 13.08.2014

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has announced that a supplement of £10 on top of the congestion charge is to be introduced on almost all diesel vehicles entering the capital from 2020.

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City Skyline

One way to reduce car use? Fill your city with traffic

Written by | Posted on 30.07.2014

A city which always makes it into the lists of the worst places to drive is New York City. And it is, probably not coincidentally, the only major city in North America where more than half of households do not own a car.

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The Problem With Congestion [Guest blog]

Written by | Posted on 23.07.2014

In the developing world a rapid expansion of the number of vehicles on the road is causing the sort of congestion that few westerners would ever tolerate.

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Big Data v Big Brother

Written by | Posted on 02.07.2014

Big data has potential hazards, theoretical and practical, as well as huge benefits. First, the...

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Google Driverless Car

Concept Cars

Written by | Posted on 11.06.2014

Google hope to transform driving with their new fully automated, electric car. The prototypes...

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Drivers! Know your limits!

Written by | Posted on 22.05.2014

Forget about brown being the new black, or comedy being the new rock ’n’...

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Glow in the dark road

Lighting up the road network

Written by | Posted on 22.05.2014

Over the past two or three decades, technology has led to phenomenal improvements in...

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Commercial Fleet Success

Written by | Posted on 01.05.2014

The way you run a commercial vehicle fleet makes a difference to the bottom...

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Potholes on top of potholes

Written by | Posted on 17.04.2014

In last week's Sunday Times there was a suggestion that our pockmarked roads could help raise awareness of climate change. Perhaps there’s a reason why Chancellor George Osborne isn’t rushing to fill them all in, after all.

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Is there no end to roads?

Written by | Posted on 08.04.2014

There has been some surprise, and complaint, from environmental groups that the Department for...

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drivers collision

Get a firm position on drivers’ safety

Written by | Posted on 27.03.2014

There is a new campaign in the North East of England to remind employers of...

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man reading paper

A slight budget for motorists but still a welcome one

Written by | Posted on 20.03.2014

Gosh, George, thanks for reading! First, we advise the Chancellor to watch out for...

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David Brennan MD LeasePlan

Budget 2014 : Initial reaction

Written by | Posted on 19.03.2014

Initial reaction to 2014 Budget Manufacturing The pledge to support British manufacturing will help...

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The Government goes potholing

Written by | Posted on 19.03.2014

Will £200 million get your vote? Specifically, will £200 million spent on filling in...

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Taking green strides with ISO14001

Written by | Posted on 18.03.2014

We all say we care about the environment. But it’s what we do...

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traffic night

Smile! You’re on candid camera…

Written by | Posted on 24.02.2014

The news that the Government plans to have new “stealth” speed cameras approved and...

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crack in road

Watch out for the potholes, George

Written by | Posted on 30.01.2014

Here on the LeasePlan blog, we tend to bridle at the idea that motorists...

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It’s Chris Christie’s fault (but who can you blame if you’re not in New Jersey?)

Written by | Posted on 17.01.2014

Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey,  is in hot water because members of...

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smart motorways

The limits of speed limits

Written by | Posted on 16.01.2014

The announcement that the Highways Agency is considering reducing the speed limit on a...

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blue sky

Adding the Cloud to Blue-Sky Thinking

Written by | Posted on 16.12.2013

Why your next car may live in a virtual network Of all the solid...

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red car

End of the road for the tax disc

Written by | Posted on 09.12.2013

The announcement, in George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, that the paper tax disc, first introduced...

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car for sale

Car Sales Apps

Written by | Posted on 09.12.2013

Car salesmen have a problem. Younger customers who have grown up in a digital...

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I Want to Ride My Bicycle

Written by | Posted on 02.12.2013

After discovering that sales of bicycles had outstripped car sales in Spain for the...

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The Great North Road [Guest Blog]

Written by | Posted on 25.11.2013

What’s so ‘Great’ about ‘The Great North Road’? Better known in our more impatient...

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Boost Fleet Knowledge

Written by | Posted on 07.11.2013

A single Telematics widget delivers a huge number of impacts on your fleet performance.

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man looking over glasses

Are you a fleet transformer?

Written by | Posted on 07.11.2013

Fleet transformers are changing the face of fleet management today. Are you one?

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Fleet Optimisation Video

Written by | Posted on 06.11.2013

You can never know everything about your fleet. But you can get pretty close...

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White Space [Guest Blog]

Written by | Posted on 31.10.2013

The concept of the “carphone” – the chunky handset installed in some of the...

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Rural Fuel Subsidy

Written by | Posted on 31.10.2013

They’ll be singing and dancing in the streets of Hawes, north Yorkshire, Kirkby-in-Furness in...

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no parking

Volvo’s Self Parking Car

Written by | Posted on 11.09.2013

The idea that people could be replaced by machines isn’t just a staple of...

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woman holding phone

Fuel apps

Written by | Posted on 21.08.2013

Car manufacturers offer plenty of optional upgrades – heated leather seats, high-spec audio systems,...

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electric charge point

Boris’ Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Written by | Posted on 19.08.2013

There are a number of adjectives frequently attached to Boris Johnson, which may be...

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RPM gauge

Fleet Optimisation

Written by | Posted on 01.07.2013

Could your fleet policy be a vehicle for further company savings? With budgets becoming...

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Street under bridge

Wasting our lives sat in traffic

Written by | Posted on 06.06.2013

Of 59 European cities London ranks no. 14 in terms of traffic congestion with Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle and Glasgow all in the bottom half.

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Congestion charge

Congestion charging

Written by | Posted on 22.05.2013

“Courageous” was the word that Sir Humphrey Appleby always used when he wanted Jim...

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Woman holds tyre

1:5 mechanial failures down to potholes

Written by | Posted on 14.05.2013

Unless you enjoy exploring them with a lamp on your helmet – what Americans...

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