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Battery capacity: 71kWh

Batteries are an electric vehicle’s fuel tank. The more energy they can store (measured in kilowatt-hours – kWh), the more they’ll cost to fully charge. Your chosen vehicle’s battery capacity is shown here.

Vehicle range: 189.5 miles

Electric vehicles are tested over a variety of city, rural and highway road conditions, to produce the ‘combined’ average shown.

Add your electricity cost

Electricity is billed by the kilowatt-hour (kWh), similar to paying for a litre of fuel. You’ll find that cost on your most recent utility bill, or on the website of whichever charging network you’re using. The figure used here is a national average for topping up at home.

Expected cost per mile ...p

How does this compare to your current vehicle?

National average, source: The AA

Miles per gallon (MPG) is provided by vehicle manufacturers to indicate how many miles the vehicle can travel on a gallon of petrol or diesel. You can find the Official MPG in the manufacturer handbook or on OEM website. It is widely recognised that the Official MPG figures overstate what is achievable – this can be 30% less than the Official MPG figure. Based on 2019 average. Source: DfT.

Switching to an EV could ... you ... per year

Current vehicle Electric Vehicle
Per mile ... ...
Per month ... ...
Per year ... ...