SMEs are driving ahead to an electric future  


While electric vehicles are often the focus of any discussion around a more environmentally friendly fleet, the infrastructure to support them is just as important. That’s why we found it very encouraging to hear the recent research from NatWest’s Sustainable Business Tracker.

Around 15% of the SME respondents to NatWest’s survey had invested in electric vehicles or the necessary infrastructure already – and a further 20% were planning to take action by 2023.

On top of that, the number of SMEs who have invested in onsite electricity generation is also set to rise sharply, more than doubling to 17% in the same time frame. With the focus on solar panels and battery storage, we believe this is a sensible move given the likely rises in energy prices over the coming year or two.

Helen Gaskill, Head of LeasePlan Direct SME, comments:

“It’s clear that many SMEs are now planning seriously for a future where their fleets will have to be electric. And I believe they’re right to do so. The 2030 ban is only a couple of replacement cycles away and recent fuel price rises are an extra incentive to act. For those companies who are a little further back in the process, I would suggest that this is not the time to wait and watch. Take action soon or there is the risk of being left behind.”

If your business is still in the early stages of switching, the good news is that you don’t have to do everything yourself. We have lots of information and support to help you with the transition (such as our recent six steps for easy switching article) plus our LeasePlan Direct team can provide more personalised guidance that takes into account your specific business requirements.





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