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How EV ready is your fleet?

There are many reasons to switch to an electric fleet. For a start, a lot of companies actively want to reduce their environmental impact, either as a moral decision or a CSR requirement. But there’s also pressure building up for those that are dragging their feet.

We’re already seeing limits for fuel consumption and pollutant emissions being tightened up and there’s more to come. Just the cost of meeting strict Euro 7 pollutant limits, which are due in 2025, could tip whole-life costs in favour of going electric. And then, there’s the even bigger change that is due in the UK at the end of the decade. Sales of new petrol and diesel cars will end in 2030 (with a move to selling nothing but fully electric cars following in 2035).

Forward-looking fleets are already realising there are opportunities out there – and getting ahead of the game could bring extra benefits over companies that leave things late. The challenge is that the transition can seem like a huge undertaking. But it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve created an EV readiness tool that assesses your current situation to see how much progress you’ve already made. Even if it seems like you’re still on the starting blocks, you may find you’re further along the transition path than you realise. The tool then explains what you still need to do, breaking the process into manageable segments with information and support to help guide you forward.

Why not give it a try today? It only takes a few minutes to complete – and the benefits could be significant.

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