Unseen summer driving hazards


It is important that drivers are informed about the hazards the heat can bring especially as the UK has already experienced the hottest June since 1975.

The hot summer weather can bring a lot of potential unseen hazards to drivers and their passengers. It’s crucial for drivers to be aware of the temperatures of the inside of your car, it can be almost double the outside temperature even left under the shade, which can be fatal to dogs and children.

Here’s our simple summer heat checklist for when the mercury heats up.

  1. Never leave the young, elderly or vulnerable person alone in a car. Even with the window left open the temperature inside the car can end up being double the outside temperature.
  2. Even with a sun-visor and window open, you should not leave your pet locked in a vehicle. As with children, dogs can suffer from heatstroke, which leaves them unable to cool themselves, and can be fatal
  3. Always check the temperature of your children’s car seat. The uncovered buckles of car seats can reach such high temperatures they can cause second degree burns to young children. When not in use cover the car seat with a blanket to help prevent buckles heating up.
  4. Dehydration is as deadly as alcohol. Severe symptoms can cause dizziness, fainting and pose a risk to drivers. During summer there is a 146% increase in driver errors due to dehydration.






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