Coronavirus (COVID-19): Top tips for motorists

The UK government’s rules around travel are tightening. The official guidance is to stay home – but some essential journeys in the car may be unavoidable.

Here are our tips to keep you safe.

01 Keep your distance

Make sure you follow the Government’s social distancing guidelines when you are out and about. Read more here.

02 New police powers

If you leave your home or gather in public for any reason other than those specified, the police may take action. If you are a key worker, it’s advisable to carry a letter from your employer explaining your reason for travel.

03 Shopping for essentials

Think about everything you put into and take out of your vehicle. It could potentially bring the virus into your vehicle – or pass it on if you aren’t cleaning the surfaces regularly.

04 Keep it clean

Keep your vehicle clean, inside and out. We have some guidance to help you do this. Read here

05 Out and about

Make sure you have a way to clean your hands, whether that’s wipes or sanitiser, as there will likely be times where you have to touch something outside the vehicle – and it’s best to be safe.

06 Filling up

If you have access to disposal gloves, keep some in your car. You can use them when you refuel at the pump or when using a public chargepoint.

07 Keep fluids topped up

Keep oil, water and fluids topped up. Do everything you can to keep your vehicle ticking over, as it may take longer to get a response for breakdowns or book in a garage repair. Read more here.

08 Diesel drivers

Be mindful of your diesel particulate filter (DPF). You can read more on this here.

09 Don’t drive unwell

Make certain you know what to do if you start showing symptoms. You can find the Government’s guidance here.

10 Drive safely

Please drive safely and take particular care around people out walking or on bikes. The emergency services have enough to do already.

Stay informed

The restrictions that have been put in place are changing almost every day, so it’s important to check the Government’s website regularly to stay up to date.

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